Latest release of ProDOS is 2.4.2

ProDOS 2.5 alpha 8 pre-release is available


Custom Built for ProDOS 2.4 and beyond

Bitsy Boot

  • A small system program which allows quick and easy booting of Apple II devices in various slots
  • Allows one-press booting of slots 1-7
  • Displays all slots which contain active ProDOS devices
  • Allows programs to quit to the 8-bit launcher or return to the 16-bit GS/OS Finder
  • More about Bitsy Boot

    Bitsy Bye

  • A new program launcher
  • Select drives by slot using number keys 1-7.
  • Select files by typing the first letter of their filename.
  • Displays the slot and drive of each device
  • Does not abort on drive errors, but instead lists and allows launching of all readable files.
  • More about Bitsy Bye


  • This tiny program can be used instead of Basic.System
  • NOT a BASIC interpreter but a ProDOS wedge for BASIC
  • Requires only 1 block on disk vs 21 blocks for Basic.System
  • Loads and runs Binary and Basic programs launched by Bitsy Bye
  • More about MiniBas

    Other Features included in ProDOS

    Disk Imaging Programs

    • ADT Pro
    • FastDsk

    File and Disk Utilities