Latest release of ProDOS is 2.4.2

ProDOS 2.5 has been announced but is not available yet.

Bitsy Bye

  • A new program launcher with many features.
  • Runs on all Apple II computers and CPUs: 6502, 65c02 or 65816.
  • Allows drives to be selected directly by slot using number keys 1-7.
  • Allows files to be selected by typing the first letter of their filename.
  • Displays and quickly scrolls through up to 2,733 files per directory.
  • Displays and allows selection of all files on a drive, not just System files and directories like previous launchers.
  • Displays file types and allows launching Applesoft Basic, Binary, Text exec, and GS/OS S16 files via Basic.System.
  • Displays the slot and drive of each device.
  • Does not abort on drive errors, but instead lists and allows launching of all readable files.
  • The code and data size for Bitsy Bye is less than 1KB, with room to spare (thanks qkumba).