Latest release of ProDOS is 2.4.2

ProDOS 2.5 alpha 8 pre-release is available

Copy II Plus 8.5


The Apple Disk Backup System

With the Copy II Plus Utilities you can:

  • Copy any 16 sector or 13 sector unprotected disk
  • Copy DOS onto a diskCopy filesCatalog a disk
  • Catalog showing file lengths
  • Catalog showing any hidden control characters
  • Catalog showing deleted files
  • Delete files
  • Delete DOS to free up more space for files
  • Delete all information from a disk
  • Lock or unlock files
  • Rename files
  • Alphabetize the catalog
  • Format a diskVerify, that the disk is good
  • Verify that files are good
  • Verify whether or not two files are identical
  • Check disk drive speed
  • View the contents of files
  • See a map of what files are stored where on the disk
  • Edit any sector or any file
  • Fix file sizes, to free up wasted disk space
  • Change the boot program on the disk
  • Undelete files, to recover files that were accidentally deleted

Copy II Plus 8.4

Copy II Plus 8.5


  • This version of Copy II Plus has been patched to work with the new ProDOS 2.5.
  • Copy II Plus 8.5 should be completely compatible with the ProDOS 2.5 dates and multi-case filenames.


Copy II Plus 8 vs 9

  • Copy II Plus 9.x required an Apple IIgs, IIc, or IIc+ or another Apple II with 128K of RAM, which is why this latest version of Copy II Plus is based on 8.4.