ProDOS 2.4

Announcing ProDOS 2.4 for all Apple II computers

New version: ProDOS 2.4.2 is available here.

Today, the 30-year anniversary of the Apple IIGS, a new version of the ProDOS operating system has been released.

ProDOS 2.4 adds new features for all Apple II computers, including the 1977 Integer ROM Apple II.

Apple IIGS features of ProDOS 2.4

Apple II features of ProDOS 2.4

Bitsy Bye program launcher

ProDOS 2.4 includes a new program launcher with many features and improvements over earlier versions of ProDOS:

Bitsy Boot utility

Bitsy Boot is a small system program which allows quick and easy booting of Apple II devices in various slots:


The 140k 5.25″ disk image of ProDOS 2.4 disk also includes these useful utilities:


140k ProDOS 2.4 disk image: ProDOS_2_4-dsk



John Brooks

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